For us, there is nothing better than a happy member, and we have lots of them! Here are just a few that let us know how much Castaways means to them.

I have been in boating for over 35 years……Bill Michaelis and his crew have always been as helpful and supportive of me in all of my boating activities helping to keep my vessel always ready for usage all season long. Joe Madonia is truly the glue keeping the Yacht clubs resources ready for maintenance/service enabling our membership to enjoy our true love of boating from April thru late October…..I truly feel fortunate to be at Castaways for some 12+ years. I highly recommend Castaways!!!
We purchased our new boat a year ago from Castaways. We used to boat on the Hudson river and are so happy to have moved over to the LI Sound. These guys have made the entire experience of buying a boat and getting to know a totally new area a very pleasant and easy experience. Bill and his team have been great. Always ready to help. We really feel a part of this warm and friendly family.
This was the first year that we keep our boat in this marina and we had a great experience Bill and his team is always available for any inconvenience when you owned a boat. The food at the restaurant and the pool definitely it is other plus considering all this it is located in a very quite area no car around!! See you next years G.G
The perfect place to keep a boat and enjoy the summer!
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Over the winter I purchased a new 2018 50ft Beneteau MC5 from Castaways. Bill Michealis and his team have made the process simple and enjoyable from the beginning. Bill and his Castaway’s family (I don’t call them a team, I say family, because they make feel like part of their family), have spent hours and hours going through, with me, all the nuances and intricacies of my new yacht. Their knowledge and compassion for boating so shines thru every step of the way. I would highly recommend Castaways for all your boating needs. PS. When you buy from Castaways you […]
We couldn’t be happier with our new MC6. Bill and his staff have been super professional always providing exemplary service. They’re more than just a dealer, it’s like joining a new family.
My wife and I moved our boat (a 45′) to Castaways, conveniently located at the beginning of LI Sound, about 8 years ago (from a NJ marina) because we wanted to be closer to the Sound, as we do all of our boating there, and the marina is only about 45 minutes from our home in northern NJ. We thought we’d give it a try to see how it worked out. Eight years and two boats later (a 51′ and 60′), we are still here and love it! Castaways is the well run , the right size; not too big […]
I have been a member of Castaways for almost 20 years. My first boat was a 27 footer and last year moved up for the 4th time to a 60. There is no one that I know who is more knowledgable about boats and boating then the owner Bill Michaelis. Bill and his team provide me with incomparable service and advice and help to keep my boat in top condition. I am not a mechanical person and Bill has solved dozens of difficult problems for me. The Sunseeker brokerage even helped me to sell my old boat and purchase my […]
In 1968, after our second son was born, our family joined castaways yacht club with a 29 ft powerboat. For the next 14 years and two more boat upgrades we enjoyed the social and expert marine services offered by the club. The staff and personnel of the marina assisted us in all facets of boating including advising us on the new purchases!We sold our boat in 1982 hoping to return as soon as possible. This way of life was embedded in our family happiness.October 2014,we went to BILLY and told him we wanted back in,and in the next few months,his […]