Mark P.

My wife and I moved our boat (a 45′) to Castaways, conveniently located at the beginning of LI Sound, about 8 years ago (from a NJ marina) because we wanted to be closer to the Sound, as we do all of our boating there, and the marina is only about 45 minutes from our home in northern NJ. We thought we’d give it a try to see how it worked out. Eight years and two boats later (a 51′ and 60′), we are still here and love it! Castaways is the well run , the right size; not too big where you are just one of hundreds of boats but big enough to feel like you are part of a boating neighborhood. The location is perfect; very protected marina and close enough to the Sound as well as the East River so you can head in multiple directions for a day trip or an extended trip. The experienced staff at the marina is great. The service department is exceptional as are the amenities (pool, showers, and restaurant…breakfast, lunch, dinner…great food and host). Winter storage is great. There are social events throughout the season that enhance the community feel of this marina. In addition, you are able to have private events catered by the restaurant. The marina is pet friendly; our dog loves the view from our stern.